Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is This The Real Deal?

As I move forward with my business, I find that many people have misconceptions about the Network Marketing Industry and how it works. People who express an interest often ask, "Is this the real deal? Or is it a scam?"

Let me assure you, it is the real deal. However, just as in any industry, there are a few "bad apple" companies that can really create horrible experiences for people who decided to join this industry. In order to succeed in this industry, you must take the time to research the company that you are interested in and find out whether it is a legitimate company or not.

There are four factors that one should look for when choosing a company. First, Marketplace Demand; is there a demand or need for the company's products where you live? Is there a wide range of consumers who would be interested in the products that the company has to offer? If there is a large marketplace demand, then you've got a great range of customers to market your products to and get sales from.

Second, Consumable Products; are your products consumable or are they a one time purchase? If you want the most success from your MLM business, you want to choose a company that offers products that are used on a daily basis. Once the products are consumed, then people come back to you to purchase more. This is how you will establish a customer base.

Third, Timing and Trends; is your company up to date with the ongoing trends? This factor goes hand in hand with Market place demand. Does your company offer products that go along with the current market place trends? Or does it offer products that people are no longer interested in? Jumping in at the right time with the right company that is following current trends will lead to success in MLM.

And finally, the fourth factor is the Ability to Leverage Your Time. Is the company you are interested in have a system that allows you to leverage your time? Does it allow you to build a team of business builders to help you work your way up in the company, or do you have to rely on your sales alone? By building a team to work with you in your company, you can work 10-20 hours a week and yet get paid for 40-50 hours.

Before choosing a company, ask yourself, does this company fulfill all four key factors? Also, it is a really good sign if your company is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Company's who join this association must abide by a strict Code of Ethics in order to obtain membership.

You should also research the company on your own. Is the company transparent? Do they have available to the public their records of recent payouts to consultants, etc?

But perhaps most important of all, ask yourself if this is a company that you believe in. Do you use the products yourself and love them? Would you recommend the products to your friends even if you weren't involved with the business? Does the company practice ideals and ethics that are close to your own?

Once you have found the company that is right for you, dive in and embark on your new career. Believe in the company, believe in the product, and most of all...believe in yourself.

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